As the creative executive for more than 20 feature-length movies, I have worked closely with creatives at every stage of the filmmaking process. More than 50 writers have relied on me for script development, for optioned and purchased scripts, as well as spec scripts.

With Squires Creative, I do what I love every day

Hi, I'm Ashley Squires.

My background is in story development, casting, and production.

While getting by as a barista (coffee is my best friend), I stage managed Off-Broadway productions and tried to get a foothold in the theatre industry. A lucky break earned me an internship at a respected casting agency. I worked my way up to casting associate, where I cast talent for theatre, print, and commercials. I was on my way! Until I realized casting wasn’t my full passion. Bummer, but passion and leading with curiosity are staples in my toolbox.

I accepted a position as assistant to the CEO of Hallmark and committed to learning the inner workings of how the network operated through each department - production, marketing, research, social, and programming. Having a background in theatre, it makes sense that story development had my heart. So I took the leap into the world of programming and landed in Los Angeles.

I championed each project from initial story concept through final cut.  At all times, I had a development slate of over 30 projects. I was instrumental in company-wide integrated program strategy and pioneering Hallmark's network podcast, all while spreading the Christmas spirit 365 days a year.

Since going independent in 2020, I’ve had the pleasure of continually collaborating with passionate, driven creators in the development and production of everything from small-budget passion projects to independent features to network pitches and script development. I co-wrote a queer drama pilot that won recognition in a national competition, and developed a movie that has the kind of representation I want to see in the world - a Christmas romantic comedy with two female leads.

Long story long:

When a puzzle piece is missing - or even if you’re staring with bewilderment at a pile of pieces on the floor - I’m here to help you put the full picture together. 

I veered off the career path I was on and started over. 

The day I graduated from Florida State University, I boarded a plane to New York City with a one-way ticket.

Between 2016 and 2019 at Hallmark, I was the lead creative executive for more than two dozen movies.

With Squires Creative, I do what I love every day. 

Tell me a story. Contact me here.

She can see through the faults and polishes the gem underneath. Ashley's ability to cultivate and create a safe environment for writers is unparalleled. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of story, her notes are clear and incisive without ever punching the creator in the gut, and she's excellent at getting to the heart of what is gumming up a story's engine. She is brilliant at generating solutions without dictating terms. She makes every note feel not like a criticism, but an opportunity for richer storytelling.

"Ashley spots the potential in ideas and pitches that others miss"

Sarah Montana - Screenwriter