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Hi, I'm Ashley Squires.

Diversity, inclusion, and emotional honesty are core tenets of my favorite creative projects

I love working with explorers who aren’t afraid to take risks. People who travel unconventional paths and tell stories from the heart, not from textbooks. That may be because in my own career, I’ve continually rejected the expected...


Give development notes on screenplays, with an eye toward structure, dialogue, and originality

Advise artists on career development to achieve specific goals 

Help flesh ideas into loglines, synopses, and outlines for packaging pitches 

Develop creative strategies for funding, releasing, and promoting projects

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Script Notes

30 and 60 minute 1:1 Experiences

Feature Script Read

More Info

More Info

 My superpower is helping passionate and driven artists recognize and remedy what’s holding up their projects

Kevin Duda - Producer

From our first conversation, I knew Ashley had the trifecta for success, possessing integrity, drive and a passion for creation & development. Add to that an impressive work ethic, proven productivity and an exuberance for bringing scripts and characters to life, she approaches every project with the same awe for what is possible, constantly succeeding by continually challenging herself and those around her to surpass their previous achievements. This value, not to mention her warmth, compassion and raw love for those around her, allows her to thrive in any setting. 

"Ashley knows what she does and she does it better than anyone"


Aside from being highly skilled and able to balance more on her plate than anyone I know, she is simply an amazing person to work with. She is intuitive, kind, funny, and whip smart. No matter the stakes of a project, working with Ashley is always fun and each individual will leave the project stronger than they arrived. She lifts up everyone around her, truly, and naturally supports each person’s unique sparkle and set of skills that they bring to the table.

"As a result of her multifaceted work background, Ashley has a visceral understanding of the many positions, needs, and moving parts of creating for film and tv—which makes her invaluable as a leader. "

Courtney Ward - Producer, Actress, Writer



 She knows the business inside and out. She's a master at pinpointing what, both big and small, isn't working in a story and provides accessible feedback on how to fix it. As importantly, she's always honest but encouragingly so. Her notes have undoubtedly elevated our ideas and given us the confidence to pitch our work. I'm so glad we decided to work with Ashley--you will be too!"

"Ashley Squires has been a vital resource throughout our development process."

Amy Meyerson - Writer


 She can see through the faults and polishes the gem underneath. Ashley's ability to cultivate and create a safe environment for writers is unparalleled. She has a deep and nuanced understanding of story, her notes are clear and incisive without ever punching the creator in the gut, and she's excellent at getting to the heart of what is gumming up a story's engine. She is brilliant at generating solutions without dictating terms. She makes every note feel not like a criticism, but an opportunity for richer storytelling.


Sarah Montana - Screenwriter


 What really blew me out of the water was how she recently helped me develop a new career shift in my life. I called her for guidance and she exceeded my expectations. She helped me create and develop my new business path and a business strategy. I was just asking her for some friendly advice and I got 10x more than that. Anyone would be grateful to have someone like Ashley on their team. 


Gina Ward - Performer

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